Saturday, April 19, 2008

Musgrave facing Bar disciplinary action

CHARLESTON - A Point Pleasant attorney faces possible disciplinary action for his mishandling of a settlement awarded to a Mason County physician in a 2001 civil case.

On March 11, the Lawyer Disciplinary Board, the prosecutorial arm of the state Bar Association, notified Raymond G. Musgrave of its intention to file a formal statement of charges against him with the state Supreme Court. Three days earlier the Board's investigative panel found probable cause that Musgrave violated at least two Rules of Professional Conduct in his handling of a settlement awarded to Mason physician Dr. Danny R. Westmoreland.

For more on this article, go to The West Virginia Record.


Danny Westmoreland said...

It is amazing that this lawyeer can forge a signature on a stolen check. Cash and keep it in WV. Judicial Hell Hole how about"Den Of Thief". It is clear that, including the ethics committee, the term would be dirty and dirtier.

Anonymous said...

Is therre any possible way of getting justice in Mason County. Now after the years of wondering how could a doctor hold another down and assault him doing permanent damage and question the victims honesty. Now the Judge Tod Kaufman has ordered no action on the faxct that Dr Vaidya has now been charged by his assistant of false affidavit and witness intimidation in my case. Yeah Kaufman and Aliff.