Friday, January 16, 2009

Law prof, newspaper stand up for couple judge deems too old to raise grandkids

by Lisa Falkenberg

Hi, Pa!” exclaimed 2-year-old Rafael Sierra as he ran toward his step-grandfather’s outstretched arms.

Arnold Del Bosque scooped up the beaming boy while gripping plastic bags stuffed with toys. Arnold’s wife, Yolanda, took their younger grandchild, 1-year-old Luis, into her arms, already laden with a Playskool “Busy Gears” set and two Happy Meals.

It wasn’t Christmas. It was visitation day last Friday at the Child Protective Services office on Chimney Rock.

For Arnold and Yolanda, regaining the right recently to visit the grandchildren they’d raised since infancy was their first win in a painful custody battle.

Last week came another.

Juvenile Court Judge John Phillips, who ordered the boys removed from the Del Bosques’ La Porte home last year after remarking in court that the 50-something grandparents were too old to raise them, recused himself from the case.

But he didn't go quietly.

For more on this commentary, go to The Houston Chronicle

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