Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fraud allegations leveled at Wade in wrongful death suit

A Mason County doctor -- who also is the president of the state agency that licenses and disciplines them -- is named in a wrongful death suit that includes allegations he committed fraud in filing false information, and claims to other agencies to prove the teenager who died working for him was legally employed.

Lori McCoy, as administratrix of the estate of Andrya Lynn Jordan, filed suit against Dr. John A. Wade on Nov. 20 in Mason Circuit Court. In addition to Wade, McCoy, 43, names his practice, John A. Wade, M.D., Inc., and Steelcase Inc., a Grand Rapids, Mich. Office furniture company, as co-defendants.

In addition to claims against Steelcase and Wade for product liability and/or wrongful death, McCoy alleges Wade fraudulently induced her to sign documents proving Andrya was one of his employees in an attempt to collect on a claim he filed with Brickstreet, the private insurance company that handles most workers compensation cases.

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