Friday, January 21, 2011

Citing witness intimidation, Mason doctor seeks to void settlement | West Virginia Record

Dr. Danny Westmoreland seizes on allegations made in Tommy Fouty's wrongful termination suit to re-open medical malpractice suit against Dr. Shrikant K. Vaidya.

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Dr. Danny Westmoreland said...

"No justice for me in WV"

I have sent documents as best as I can pro se to date but I will not pay the requested $25,000 up front to Mr Bell for him to look into the case. It should be clear now that the claims I made in court filings were true as proven by the corresponding civil filings by Tommy Fouty who charges Dr Vaidya with, forcing him to sign a false affidavit and witness intimidation, which the civil filing by the Bell office notes breaches state law, in my case. Perhaps this would explain why I feel I was bullied into a settlement by Mr Flaharty who threatened me again and again with Judge Kaufman and it was clear that though the WV Supreme Court of Appeals called the assault and battery “horrific”. The fraud, slander and assualt and battery was not even allow to be discussed. they were summarily dismissed by Mr flaharty stating that is was Kaufman would do it. I said these things from the beginning and the WV Board of Medicine should have investigated as I note their assigned doctor said he needed to. But Mr Walton and Judge Kaufman did not bother reading the full report and said it was negative to me and it was not. Last for now, is there something else that needs to be investigated in Dr Vaidya’s office and I promise the public I will expose the truthe on this also. Mr Aliff, I was extremely ill from your client and may have messed up on numbers but did not change story. I said all the urologists had refused to sign the certificate of Merit for social reasons so I found 2 on the internet not from here. I found them while the case was going on but you think I should not have said I found them,though price was ridiculous at $40,000. I just told the truthe and you calling me a liar when I was a victim of your client makes you a WV Lawyer”Outstanding Lawyer”. You also along with Judge kaufman put procedure before fact and that is scary. Now I gave Vaisdya a chance to talk and he again ignored when his acts were discovered. Will he be protected again.